Commit 72586450 authored by Jay Belanger's avatar Jay Belanger
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(calc-write-parse-table-part, calc-fix-token-name): Fix a check for

language type.
parent 1867200e
......@@ -520,7 +520,7 @@
(cond ((stringp (car p))
(let ((s (car p)))
(if (and (string-match "\\`\\\\dots\\>" s)
(not (eq calc-lang '(tex latex))))
(not (memq calc-lang '(tex latex))))
(setq s (concat ".." (substring s 5))))
(if (or (and (string-match
"[a-zA-Z0-9\"{}]\\|\\`:=\\'\\|\\`#\\|\\`%%" s)
......@@ -587,7 +587,7 @@
((and (equal name "}") (memq calc-lang '(tex latex eqn)))
((and (equal name "&") (eq calc-lang '(tex latex)))
((and (equal name "&") (memq calc-lang '(tex latex)))
((equal name "#")
(search-backward "#")
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