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* lisp/subr.el (with-output-to-temp-buffer): Doc fix; from elisp manual.

parent f314e84f
2014-08-11 Glenn Morris <>
* subr.el (with-output-to-temp-buffer): Doc fix; from elisp manual.
* files.el (basic-save-buffer-2): Revert 2013-01-31 change, which
chose coding system for writing before backing up, since it causes
a more serious problem than the one it solves. (Closes Bug#18141,
......@@ -3099,6 +3099,11 @@ buffer temporarily current, and the window that was used to display it
temporarily selected. But it doesn't run `temp-buffer-show-hook'
if it uses `temp-buffer-show-function'.
By default, the setup hook puts the buffer into Help mode before running BODY.
If BODY does not change the major mode, the show hook makes the buffer
read-only, and scans it for function and variable names to make them into
clickable cross-references.
See the related form `with-temp-buffer-window'."
(declare (debug t))
(let ((old-dir (make-symbol "old-dir"))
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