Commit 72baeef2 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* etc/refcards/Makefile (dist): New rule.

parent 45c33aa6
2013-08-12 Glenn Morris <>
* refcards/Makefile (all_pdf, all_ps, New targets.
* refcards/Makefile (all_pdf, all_ps,, dist):
New rules.
(SURVIVAL_CARDS_PDF): Add fr_survival.pdf.
2013-03-11 Glenn Morris <>
......@@ -146,4 +146,12 @@ %.dvi
-rm -f *.dvi *.log *.aux
## For the Emacs website.
rm -rf emacs-refcards
mkdir emacs-refcards
cp Makefile README *.tex gnus-logo.* pdflayout.sty emacs-refcards/
tar -cf emacs-refcards.tar emacs-refcards
rm -rf emacs-refcards
### Makefile ends here
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