Commit 72e4adef authored by Jason Rumney's avatar Jason Rumney
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(compute_tip_xy): If tooltip won't fit on the screen

to the left or to the right of the pointer, put it against
the left screen edge.
(x_frame_parms): Add missing braces around initializer.
parent 453c5510
......@@ -704,32 +704,31 @@ static void x_edge_detection P_ ((struct frame *, struct image *, Lisp_Object,
static struct x_frame_parm_table x_frame_parms[] =
"auto-raise", x_set_autoraise,
"auto-lower", x_set_autolower,
"background-color", x_set_background_color,
"border-color", x_set_border_color,
"border-width", x_set_border_width,
"cursor-color", x_set_cursor_color,
"cursor-type", x_set_cursor_type,
"font", x_set_font,
"foreground-color", x_set_foreground_color,
"icon-name", x_set_icon_name,
"icon-type", x_set_icon_type,
"internal-border-width", x_set_internal_border_width,
"menu-bar-lines", x_set_menu_bar_lines,
"mouse-color", x_set_mouse_color,
"name", x_explicitly_set_name,
"scroll-bar-width", x_set_scroll_bar_width,
"title", x_set_title,
"unsplittable", x_set_unsplittable,
"vertical-scroll-bars", x_set_vertical_scroll_bars,
"visibility", x_set_visibility,
"tool-bar-lines", x_set_tool_bar_lines,
"screen-gamma", x_set_screen_gamma,
"line-spacing", x_set_line_spacing,
"left-fringe", x_set_fringe_width,
"right-fringe", x_set_fringe_width
{"auto-raise", x_set_autoraise},
{"auto-lower", x_set_autolower},
{"background-color", x_set_background_color},
{"border-color", x_set_border_color},
{"border-width", x_set_border_width},
{"cursor-color", x_set_cursor_color},
{"cursor-type", x_set_cursor_type},
{"font", x_set_font},
{"foreground-color", x_set_foreground_color},
{"icon-name", x_set_icon_name},
{"icon-type", x_set_icon_type},
{"internal-border-width", x_set_internal_border_width},
{"menu-bar-lines", x_set_menu_bar_lines},
{"mouse-color", x_set_mouse_color},
{"name", x_explicitly_set_name},
{"scroll-bar-width", x_set_scroll_bar_width},
{"title", x_set_title},
{"unsplittable", x_set_unsplittable},
{"vertical-scroll-bars", x_set_vertical_scroll_bars},
{"visibility", x_set_visibility},
{"tool-bar-lines", x_set_tool_bar_lines},
{"screen-gamma", x_set_screen_gamma},
{"line-spacing", x_set_line_spacing},
{"left-fringe", x_set_fringe_width},
{"right-fringe", x_set_fringe_width}
/* Attach the `x-frame-parameter' properties to
......@@ -13432,10 +13431,15 @@ compute_tip_xy (f, parms, dx, dy, width, height, root_x, root_y)
if (INTEGERP (left))
*root_x = XINT (left);
else if (*root_x + XINT (dx) + width > FRAME_W32_DISPLAY_INFO (f)->width)
else if (*root_x + XINT (dx) + width <= FRAME_W32_DISPLAY_INFO (f)->width)
/* It fits to the right of the pointer. */
*root_x += XINT (dx);
else if (width + XINT (dx) <= *root_x)
/* It fits to the left of the pointer. */
*root_x -= width + XINT (dx);
*root_x += XINT (dx);
/* Put it left justified on the screen -- it ought to fit that way. */
*root_x = 0;
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