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message.el is ok with rmail now following 2009-02-17 changes to rmailout.

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......@@ -76,23 +76,7 @@ for buffer/string positions. E.g. struct it, struct text_pos.
mail/rmail-spam-filter.el: check it still (?) works
Gnus/Rmail issues:
Fix message-fcc-handler-function for the case
message-fcc-handler-function = rmail-output
(but is this even a sensible option? It is not the default.)
Ideally, it should behave as gnus-output-to-rmail does:
In Emacs 23, write Babyl only if FILENAME is Babyl, otherwise mbox.
(rmailout can handle this?)
In Emacs 22, write Babyl
In both cases, if an Rmail buffer is visiting FILENAME, update it
It could just use gnus-output-to-rmail, but message.el probably
wants to remain independent from gnus (?).
Gnus manual needs updating with respect to Rmail (but then so does the
Rmail manual).
Update the rmail (and gnus) manuals for mbox rmail.
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