Commit 73106994 authored by Miles Bader's avatar Miles Bader
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Change escape-glyph color on dark backgrounds back to cyan
parent 53abc3bf
2005-06-22 Miles Bader <>
* faces.el (vertical-border): Renamed from `vertical-divider'.
(escape-glyph): Change dark-background color back to `cyan'.
2005-06-21 Juri Linkov <>
......@@ -2106,7 +2106,7 @@ Note: Other faces cannot inherit from the cursor face."
:group 'basic-faces)
(defface escape-glyph
'((((background dark)) :foreground "pink2")
'((((background dark)) :foreground "cyan")
;; See the comment in minibuffer-prompt for
;; the reason not to use blue on MS-DOS.
(((type pc)) :foreground "magenta")
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