Commit 7373bc42 authored by Carsten Dominik's avatar Carsten Dominik
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(orgtbl-self-insert-command, org-delete-char)
(org-delete-backward-char): Set the `flyspell-delayed' property.
parent 74b708cd
......@@ -18767,6 +18767,13 @@ because, in this case the deletion might narrow the column."
(put 'org-delete-char 'delete-selection 'supersede)
(put 'org-delete-backward-char 'delete-selection 'supersede)
;; Make `flyspell-mode' delay after some commands
(put 'org-self-insert-command 'flyspell-delayed t)
(put 'orgtbl-self-insert-command 'flyspell-delayed t)
(put 'org-delete-char 'flyspell-delayed t)
(put 'org-delete-backward-char 'flyspell-delayed t)
;; How to do this: Measure non-white length of current string
;; If equal to column width, we should realign.
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