Commit 73792d68 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(graft_intervals_into_buffer): Correct the main loop

in the case where OVER is longer than UNDER.
parent 9eae419d
......@@ -1712,6 +1712,7 @@ graft_intervals_into_buffer (source, position, length, buffer, inherit)
register INTERVAL under, over, this, prev;
register INTERVAL tree;
int over_used;
tree = BUF_INTERVALS (buffer);
......@@ -1814,8 +1815,14 @@ graft_intervals_into_buffer (source, position, length, buffer, inherit)
adjust_intervals_for_insertion, so stickiness has
already been taken care of. */
/* OVER is the interval we are copying from next.
OVER_USED says how many characters' worth of OVER
have already been copied into target intervals.
UNDER is the next interval in the target. */
over_used = 0;
while (! NULL_INTERVAL_P (over))
/* If UNDER is longer than OVER, split it. */
if (LENGTH (over) < LENGTH (under))
this = split_interval_left (under, LENGTH (over));
......@@ -1823,12 +1830,27 @@ graft_intervals_into_buffer (source, position, length, buffer, inherit)
this = under;
copy_properties (over, this);
/* THIS is now the interval to copy or merge into.
OVER covers all of it. */
if (inherit)
merge_properties (over, this);
copy_properties (over, this);
over = next_interval (over);
/* If THIS and OVER end at the same place,
advance OVER to a new source interval. */
if (LENGTH (this) == LENGTH (over) - over_used)
over = next_interval (over);
over_used = 0;
/* Otherwise just record that more of OVER has been used. */
over_used += LENGTH (this);
/* Always advance to a new target interval. */
under = next_interval (this);
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