Commit 737e3892 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(emerge-count-matches-string): Renamed from count-matches-string.

(emerge-command-prefix): Now C-c C-c.
emerge-shadow-key-definition): Deleted.
Callers use substitute-key-definition.
(emerge-recursively-substitute-key-definition): Deleted.
Callers use substitute-key-definition.
(emerge-unselect-hook): Renamed from emerge-unselect-hooks.
(emerge-files-internal): Use file-local-copy to handle remote files.
(emerge-files-with-ancestor-internal): Likewise.
(emerge-remote-file-p): Deleted.
(emerge-abort): New command.
(describe-mode): Deleted.
(emerge-hash-string-into-string): Renamed from hash-string-into-string.
(emerge-unslashify-name): Renamed from unslashify-name.
(emerge-write-and-delete): Don't write-file if file-out is nil.
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