Commit 737e5c83 authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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(server-buffer-done): Avoid changing the buffer when deleting the

client's frame (bug#640).
parent ef1a3179
......@@ -1084,7 +1084,13 @@ FOR-KILLING if non-nil indicates that we are called from `kill-buffer'."
;; tell it that it is done, and forget it entirely.
(unless buffers
(server-log "Close" proc)
(server-delete-client proc)))))
(if for-killing
;; `server-delete-client' might delete the client's
;; frames, which might change the current buffer. We
;; don't want that (bug#640).
(server-delete-client proc))
(server-delete-client proc))))))
(when (and (bufferp buffer) (buffer-name buffer))
;; We may or may not kill this buffer;
;; if we do, do not call server-buffer-done recursively
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