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Use `flatten-tree' in Tramp

* lisp/net/tramp-compat.el (tramp-compat-flatten-tree): New defun.
(tramp-compat-flatten-list): Remove.

* lisp/net/tramp-sudoedit.el (tramp-sudoedit-send-command): Use it.
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......@@ -264,24 +264,25 @@ If NAME is a remote file name, the local part of NAME is unquoted."
A nil value for either argument stands for the current time."
(equal (or t1 (current-time)) (or t2 (current-time)))))
(if (fboundp 'flatten-tree)
(defalias 'tramp-compat-flatten-tree 'flatten-tree)
(defun tramp-compat-flatten-tree (tree)
"Take TREE and \"flatten\" it."
(let (elems)
(setq tree (list tree))
(while (let ((elem (pop tree)))
(cond ((consp elem)
(setq tree (cons (car elem) (cons (cdr elem) tree))))
(push elem elems)))
(nreverse elems))))
(add-hook 'tramp-unload-hook
(lambda ()
(unload-feature 'tramp-loaddefs 'force)
(unload-feature 'tramp-compat 'force)))
;; There does not exist a common `flatten-list' yet, this is discussed
;; in Bug#33309. For the time being we implement our own version,
;; derived from `eshell-flatten-list'.
(defun tramp-compat-flatten-list (args)
"Flatten any lists within ARGS, so that there are no sublists."
(let ((new-list (list t)))
(dolist (a args)
(if (and (listp a)
(listp (cdr a)))
(nconc new-list (tramp-compat-flatten-list a))
(nconc new-list (list a))))
(cdr new-list)))
(provide 'tramp-compat)
;;; TODO:
......@@ -798,13 +798,13 @@ in case of error, t otherwise."
(user (or (tramp-file-name-user vec) ""))
(spec (format-spec-make ?h host ?u user))
(args (append
(lambda (x)
(setq x (mapcar (lambda (y) (format-spec y spec)) x))
(unless (member "" x) x))
(tramp-compat-flatten-list (delq nil args))))
(tramp-compat-flatten-tree (delq nil args))))
(delete-exited-processes t)
(process-connection-type tramp-process-connection-type)
(p (apply #'start-process
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