Commit 739f57cd authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* src/ (lispdir): Remove.

(TAGS-LISP): Replace lispdir with its expansion.
parent b0b9e592
2013-11-02 Glenn Morris <>
* (abs_srcdir): New, set by configure.
(lispdir): Remove.
(maintainer-clean): Remove pointless echo. That should be in the
top-level Makefile, if anywhere. Delete TAGS-LISP.
(extraclean): No s/ and m/ directories for some time.
(TAGS): Remove no-longer-defined S_FILE.
(TAGS): Also depend on ctagsfiles3.
Remove no-longer-defined S_FILE.
Pass absolute filenames to etags once more.
(TAGS-LISP): Replace lispdir with its expansion.
(TAGS-LISP, $(lwlibdir)/TAGS): Correctly pass ETAGS to sub-makes.
($(lwlibdir)/TAGS): Remove useless subshell, check cd return value.
......@@ -57,7 +57,6 @@ etc = ../etc
leimdir = ../leim
oldXMenudir = ../oldXMenu
lwlibdir = ../lwlib
lispdir = ../lisp
# Configuration files for .o files to depend on.
config_h = config.h $(srcdir)/conf_post.h
......@@ -615,7 +614,7 @@ TAGS: $(srcdir)/$(ctagsfiles1) $(srcdir)/$(ctagsfiles2) $(srcdir)/$(ctagsfiles3)
## which the above TAGS file for the C files includes by reference.
$(MAKE) -f $(lispdir)/Makefile TAGS-LISP ETAGS="$(ETAGS)"
$(MAKE) -f ../lisp/Makefile TAGS-LISP ETAGS="$(ETAGS)"
cd $(lwlibdir) && $(MAKE) TAGS ETAGS="$(ETAGS)"
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