Commit 73a644b4 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(popup-dialog-box): New function.

parent 26c5bf8e
......@@ -146,6 +146,56 @@ The syntax, more precisely:
(if (keymapp cmd)
(setq menu cmd)
(call-interactively cmd))))))
(defun popup-dialog-box (data)
"Pop up a dialog box.
A dialog box description is a list.
- The first element of the list is a string to display in the dialog box.
- The rest of the elements are descriptions of the dialog box's buttons.
Each one is a vector of three elements:
- The first element is the text of the button.
- The second element is the `callback'.
- The third element is t or nil, whether this button is selectable.
If the `callback' of a button is a symbol, then it must name a command.
It will be invoked with `call-interactively'. If it is a list, then it is
evaluated with `eval'.
One (and only one) of the buttons may be `nil'. This marker means that all
following buttons should be flushright instead of flushleft.
The syntax, more precisely:
form := <something to pass to `eval'>
command := <a symbol or string, to pass to `call-interactively'>
callback := command | form
active-p := <t, nil, or a form to evaluate to decide whether this
button should be selectable>
name := <string>
partition := 'nil'
button := '[' name callback active-p ']'
dialog := '(' name [ button ]+ [ partition [ button ]+ ] ')'"
(let ((name (car data))
(tail (cdr data))
(while tail
(if (null (car tail))
(setq converted (cons nil converted))
(let ((item (aref (car tail) 0))
(callback (aref (car tail) 1))
(enable (aref (car tail) 2)))
(setq converted
(cons (if enable (cons item callback) item)
(setq tail (cdr tail)))
(setq choice (x-popup-dialog t (cons name (nreverse converted))))
(setq meaning (assq choice converted))
(if meaning
(if (symbolp (cdr meaning))
(call-interactively (cdr meaning))
(eval (cdr meaning))))))
;; This is empty because the usual elements of the menu bar
;; are provided by menu-bar.el instead.
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