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parent 4472bb00
......@@ -452,10 +452,6 @@ Useful in some modes, such as Gnus, MH, etc.")
(define-key viper-dired-modifier-map ":" 'viper-ex)
(define-key viper-dired-modifier-map "/" 'viper-search-forward)
(defvar viper-help-modifier-map (make-sparse-keymap)
"This map modifies Help mode behavior.")
(define-key viper-help-modifier-map "q" (if viper-xemacs-p 'help-mode-quit))
;;; Code
......@@ -630,9 +630,10 @@ remains buffer-local."
(defvar makefile-mode-hook)
(add-hook 'makefile-mode-hook 'viper-mode)
;; Help mode is now for viewing only
(defvar help-mode-hook)
(add-hook 'help-mode-hook 'viper-mode)
(viper-modify-major-mode 'help-mode 'vi-state viper-help-modifier-map)
(add-hook 'help-mode-hook 'viper-change-state-to-emacs)
(viper-modify-major-mode 'help-mode 'emacs-state viper-slash-and-colon-map)
(defvar awk-mode-hook)
(add-hook 'awk-mode-hook 'viper-mode)
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