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Write "Lisp" properly. Other cleanups.

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......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ when you run configure. This requires Gtk+ 2.0 or newer. This port
provides a way to display multilingual text in menus (with some caveats).
** The `emacsserver' program has been removed, replaced with elisp code.
** The `emacsserver' program has been removed, replaced with Lisp code.
** By default, Emacs now uses a setgid helper program to update game
......@@ -2300,7 +2300,7 @@ not executing.
Minor Improvements
*** The STARTTLS elisp wrapper (starttls.el) can now use GNUTLS
*** The STARTTLS wrapper (starttls.el) can now use GNUTLS
instead of the OpenSSL based "starttls" tool. For backwards
compatibility, it prefers "starttls", but you can toggle
`starttls-use-gnutls' to switch to GNUTLS (or simply remove the
......@@ -2806,7 +2806,7 @@ using strokes as an input method.
*** The `emacsclient' command understands the options `--eval' and
`--display' which tell Emacs respectively to evaluate the given elisp
`--display' which tell Emacs respectively to evaluate the given Lisp
expression and to use the given display when visiting files.
......@@ -3891,9 +3891,9 @@ create a stream or datagram server inside emacs.
To test for the availability of a given feature, use featurep like this:
(featurep 'make-network-process '(:type datagram))
*** Original open-network-stream is now emulated using make-network-process.
*** The old `open-network-stream' now uses `make-network-process'.
*** New function open-network-stream-nowait.
*** New function `open-network-stream-nowait'.
This function initiates a non-blocking connect and returns immediately
without waiting for the connection to be established. It takes the
......@@ -3901,21 +3901,21 @@ filter and sentinel functions as arguments; when the non-blocking
connect completes, the sentinel is called with a status string
matching "open" or "failed".
*** New function open-network-stream-server.
*** New function `open-network-stream-server'.
This function creates a network server process for a TCP service.
When a client connects to the specified service, a new subprocess
is created to handle the new connection, and the sentinel function
is called for the new process.
*** New functions process-datagram-address and set-process-datagram-address.
*** New functions `process-datagram-address', `set-process-datagram-address'.
These functions are used with datagram-based network processes to get
and set the current address of the remote partner.
*** New function format-network-address.
*** New function `format-network-address'.
This function reformats the lisp representation of a network address
This function reformats the Lisp representation of a network address
to a printable string. For example, an IP address A.B.C.D and port
number P is represented as a five element vector [A B C D P], and the
printable string returned for this vector is "A.B.C.D:P". See the doc
......@@ -4617,7 +4617,7 @@ efficient. Since byte code from recent versions of XEmacs won't
generally run in Emacs and vice versa, this optimization doesn't lose
you anything.
*** The local variable `no-byte-compile' in elisp files is now obeyed.
*** The local variable `no-byte-compile' in Lisp files is now obeyed.
*** When a Lisp file uses CL functions at run-time, compiling the file
......@@ -10688,8 +10688,8 @@ can make FCC copies more closely resemble copies that recipients get
**** you can specify an arbitrary function for actually transmitting
the message; included in feedmail are interfaces for /bin/[r]mail,
/usr/lib/sendmail, and elisp smtpmail; it's easy to write a new
function for something else (10-20 lines of elisp)
/usr/lib/sendmail, and Emacs Lisp smtpmail; it's easy to write a new
function for something else (10-20 lines of Lisp code).
** Dired changes
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