Commit 740fd9d8 authored by Miles Bader's avatar Miles Bader
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(HTML Mode): Put `@end table' at end of table.

parent fcd5c9aa
......@@ -1735,13 +1735,13 @@ characters themselves (@code{sgml-name-8bit-mode}).
@findex sgml-validate
Run a shell command (which you must specify) to validate the current
buffer as SGML (@code{sgml-validate}).
@end table
@item C-x TAB
@kindex C-c TAB @r{(SGML mode)}
@findex sgml-tags-invisible
Toggle the visibility of existing tags in the buffer. This can be
used as a cheap preview.
@end table
@vindex sgml-xml-mode
SGML mode and HTML mode support XML also. In XML, every opening tag
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