Commit 741d0afe authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Fix some display-warning usage.

* lisp/files.el (hack-local-variables, hack-dir-local-variables):
* lisp/calendar/diary-lib.el (diary-include-files, diary-sexp-entry):
* lisp/calendar/holidays.el (calendar-holiday-list):
* lisp/mail/rmailout.el (rmail-output-read-file-name):
Fix display-warning usage.
parent 5ec9d8ff
......@@ -909,13 +909,15 @@ This is recursive; that is, included files may include other files."
(append diary-entries-list
(diary-list-entries original-date number t)))))
(format-message "Can't read included diary file %s\n"
(format-message "Can't find included diary file %s\n"
(goto-char (point-min)))
(defun diary-include-other-diary-files ()
......@@ -1410,11 +1412,12 @@ marks. This is intended to deal with deleted diary entries."
(eval (car (read-from-string sexp)))
(format "Bad diary sexp at line %d in %s:\n%s\n\
Error: %s\n"
(count-lines (point-min) (point))
diary-file sexp err))
diary-file sexp err)
(cond ((stringp result) result)
((and (consp result)
......@@ -346,9 +346,10 @@ The holidays are those in the list `calendar-holidays'."
(eval p)
(format "Bad holiday list item: %s\nError: %s\n"
p err))
p err)
(setq res (append h res))))
......@@ -3419,7 +3419,7 @@ local variables, but directory-local variables may still be applied."
(unless hack-local-variables--warned-lexical
(setq hack-local-variables--warned-lexical t)
"%s: `lexical-binding' at end of file unreliable"
......@@ -3883,7 +3883,7 @@ This does nothing if either `enable-local-variables' or
(if (eq (car elt) 'coding)
(unless hack-dir-local-variables--warned-coding
(setq hack-dir-local-variables--warned-coding t)
(display-warning :warning
(display-warning 'files
"Coding cannot be specified by dir-locals"))
(unless (memq (car elt) '(eval mode))
(setq dir-local-variables-alist
......@@ -84,13 +84,14 @@ This uses `rmail-output-file-alist'."
(eval (cdar tail))
(format-message "\
Error evaluating `rmail-output-file-alist' element:
regexp: %s
action: %s
error: %S\n"
(caar tail) (cdar tail) err))
(caar tail) (cdar tail) err)
(setq tail (cdr tail)))
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