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; Describe the problem with ksh when resizing shell window

* etc/PROBLEMS: Mention the problem with ksh when the shell window
is resized.  For details, see the discussion starting in
Reported by Mike Kupfer <>.
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......@@ -464,6 +464,17 @@ problem by adding this to your .cshrc file:
stty -icrnl -onlcr -echo susp ^Z
*** In Shell buffers using ksh, resizing a window inserts random characters.
The characters come from the PS2 prompt, but they are not followed by
a newline, which messes up the next command you type. This strange
effect is caused by Emacs 25 and later telling the shell that its
screen size changed.
To work around the problem, customize the option
'window-adjust-process-window-size-function' to "Do not adjust process
window sizes" (Lisp value 'ignore').
*** In Inferior Python mode, input is echoed and native completion doesn't work.
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