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(Obtaining the FAQ): Delete refs to Lerner's email and web site.

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......@@ -1004,23 +1004,11 @@ spool, it might (or might not) do some good to complain to your news
administrator, because the most recent FAQ should not expire for a
Via HTTP or FTP. You can always fetch the latest FAQ from
@uref{} and
In the Emacs distribution. Since Emacs 18.56, the FAQ at the time
of release has been part of the Emacs distribution as either
@file{etc/FAQ} or @file{man/faq.texi} (@pxref{File-name conventions}).
Via the World Wide Web. A hypertext version is available at
Via anonymous ftp and e-mail from @file{} (and its mirror in
Europe), the main repository for FAQs and other items posted to
......@@ -1046,13 +1034,6 @@ send usenet/news.answers/GNU-Emacs-FAQ/part5
For more information, send email to @email{}
with @samp{help} and @samp{index} in the body on separate lines.
As the very last resort, you can e-mail a request to
@email{}. Don't do this unless you have made a
good-faith effort to obtain the FAQ list via one of the methods listed
@end itemize
@c ------------------------------------------------------------
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