Commit 74312ddc authored by Colin Walters's avatar Colin Walters
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(make-autoload): Also generate autoloads for `defmacro*' forms.

parent c6e75c16
......@@ -87,8 +87,8 @@ or macro definition or a defcustom)."
((memq car '(defun define-skeleton defmacro define-derived-mode
define-generic-mode easy-mmode-define-minor-mode
define-minor-mode defun*))
(let* ((macrop (eq car 'defmacro))
define-minor-mode defun* defmacro*))
(let* ((macrop (memq car '(defmacro defmacro*)))
(name (nth 1 form))
(body (nthcdr (get car 'doc-string-elt) form))
(doc (if (stringp (car body)) (pop body))))
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