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......@@ -1147,6 +1147,16 @@ Note that +++ before an item means the Lisp manual has been updated.
When you add a new item, please add it without either +++ or ---
so I will know I still need to look at it -- rms.
** The function `add-minor-mode' simplifies the definition of minor
- Function: add-minor-mode SYMBOL NAME MAP
Register a new minor mode. SYMBOL is the name of a buffer-local
variable that is toggled on or off to say whether the minor mode is
active or not. NAME is the string that will appear in the mode line
when the minor mode is active. MAP is the keymap for the minor mode.
** The function `shell-command' now sets the default directory of the
`*Shell Command Output*' buffer to the default directory of the buffer
from which the command was issued.
......@@ -3803,9 +3813,14 @@ reminder about upcoming diary entries. See the documentation string
for a sample shell script for calling this function automatically
every night.
** All you need to do, to enable use of the Desktop package, is to set
** Desktop changes
*** All you need to do to enable use of the Desktop package, is to set
the variable desktop-enable to t with Custom.
*** Minor modes are now restored. Which minor modes are restored
and how modes are restored is controlled by `desktop-minor-mode-table'.
** There is no need to do anything special, now, to enable Gnus to
read and post multi-lingual articles.
2000-04-26 Gerd Moellmann <>
* desktop.el (desktop-save): Save list of minor modes.
(desktop-create-buffer): Restore minor modes.
(desktop-minor-mode-table): New user-option.
* subr.el (add-minor-mode): New function.
* image.el (find-image): New function.
(defimage): Rewritten to find image at load time.
* startup.el (normal-top-level-add-to-load-path): Handle
case that the default directory is not in load-path.
* help.el: Old patch from Stefan Monnier.
(help-xref-on-pp): New function.
(describe-variable): Use it to display xrefs in a symbol's value.
2000-04-26 Stefan Monnier <>
* cus-edit.el (custom-face): Fix parenthesis.
......@@ -3953,7 +3953,7 @@ the first time the mode is used." nil nil)
;;;### (autoloads (desktop-load-default desktop-read) "desktop" "desktop.el"
;;;;;; (14495 17963))
;;;;;; (14598 57772))
;;; Generated autoloads from desktop.el
(autoload (quote desktop-read) "desktop" "\
......@@ -8017,9 +8017,9 @@ Switches to the buffer `*ielm*', or creates it if it does not exist." t nil)
;;;### (autoloads (defimage remove-images insert-image put-image
;;;;;; create-image image-type-available-p image-type-from-file-header
;;;;;; image-type-from-data) "image" "image.el" (14524 62778))
;;;### (autoloads (defimage find-image remove-images insert-image
;;;;;; put-image create-image image-type-available-p image-type-from-file-header
;;;;;; image-type-from-data) "image" "image.el" (14598 54652))
;;; Generated autoloads from image.el
(autoload (quote image-type-from-data) "image" "\
......@@ -8074,6 +8074,21 @@ Remove images between START and END in BUFFER.
Remove only images that were put in BUFFER with calls to `put-image'.
BUFFER nil or omitted means use the current buffer." nil nil)
(autoload (quote find-image) "image" "\
Find an image, choosing one of a list of image specifications.
SPECS is a list of image specifications. DOC is an optional
documentation string.
Each image specification in SPECS is a property list. The contents of
a specification are image type dependent. All specifications must at
least contain the properties `:type TYPE' and either `:file FILE' or
`:data DATA', where TYPE is a symbol specifying the image type,
e.g. `xbm', FILE is the file to load the image from, and DATA is a
string containing the actual image data. The first image
specification whose TYPE is supported, and FILE exists, is used to
define SYMBOL." nil nil)
(autoload (quote defimage) "image" "\
Define SYMBOL as an image.
......@@ -13361,7 +13376,7 @@ From a program takes two point or marker arguments, BEG and END." t nil)
;;;### (autoloads (speedbar-get-focus speedbar-frame-mode) "speedbar"
;;;;;; "speedbar.el" (14597 45194))
;;;;;; "speedbar.el" (14598 31838))
;;; Generated autoloads from speedbar.el
(defalias (quote speedbar) (quote speedbar-frame-mode))
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