Commit 74646d1d authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Finalize documentation of 'custom-prompt-customize-unsaved-options'

* doc/emacs/custom.texi (Saving Customizations): Index the new
function 'custom-prompt-customize-unsaved-options'.

* etc/NEWS: Mention when 'custom-prompt-customize-unsaved-options'
is useful.
parent 71d23f95
......@@ -403,6 +403,8 @@ customizations in your initialization file. This is because saving
customizations from such a session would wipe out all the other
customizations you might have on your initialization file.
@cindex unsaved customizations, reminder to save
@findex custom-prompt-customize-unsaved-options
Please note that any customizations you have not chosen to save for
future sessions will be lost when you terminate Emacs. If you'd like
to be prompted about unsaved customizations at termination time, add
......@@ -135,8 +135,10 @@ frames.
Works for functions, variables, faces, etc. It is bound to `C-h o' by
** New function `custom-prompt-customize-unsaved-options' checks for
unsaved customizations and prompts user to customize (if found).
unsaved customizations and prompts user to customize (if found). It
is intended for adding to 'kill-emacs-query-functions'.
** Network security (TLS/SSL certificate validity and the like) is
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