Commit 746c30e2 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(tex-dvi-view-command): Value can be sexp.

Initialize to a suitable sexp.
(tex-view): Evaluate tex-dvi-view-command and use the value.
parent bc4e60fc
......@@ -196,20 +196,14 @@ use."
:group 'tex-view)
(defcustom tex-dvi-view-command nil
(defcustom tex-dvi-view-command '(if (eq window-system 'x) \"xdvi\" \"dvi2tty * | cat -s\")
"*Command used by \\[tex-view] to display a `.dvi' file.
If it is a string, that specifies the command directly.
If this string contains an asterisk (`*'), that is replaced by the file name;
otherwise, the file name, preceded by blank, is added at the end.
This can be set conditionally so that the previewer used is suitable for the
window system being used. For example,
(setq tex-dvi-view-command
(if (eq window-system 'x) \"xdvi\" \"dvi2tty * | cat -s\"))
otherwise, the file name, preceded by a space, is added at the end.
would tell \\[tex-view] to use xdvi under X windows and to use dvi2tty
:type '(choice (const nil) string)
If the value is a form, it is evaluated to get the command to use."
:type '(choice (const nil) string sexp)
:group 'tex-view)
......@@ -1800,7 +1794,7 @@ because there is no standard value that would generally work."
(or tex-dvi-view-command
(error "You must set `tex-dvi-view-command'"))
(let ((tex-dvi-print-command tex-dvi-view-command))
(let ((tex-dvi-print-command (eval tex-dvi-view-command)))
(defun tex-append (file-name suffix)
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