Commit 74a9b36f authored by Martin Rudalics's avatar Martin Rudalics
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(w32_read_socket): When focus_follows_mouse is nil make

SELECT_WINDOW_EVENT only if we don't leave the selected frame.
parent 7d72e314
......@@ -4339,7 +4339,13 @@ w32_read_socket (sd, expected, hold_quit)
only when it is active. */
if (WINDOWP(window)
&& !EQ (window, last_window)
&& !EQ (window, selected_window))
&& !EQ (window, selected_window)
/* For click-to-focus window managers
create event iff we don't leave the
selected frame. */
&& (focus_follows_mouse
|| (EQ (XWINDOW (window)->frame,
XWINDOW (selected_window)->frame))))
inev.frame_or_window = window;
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