Commit 74c942de authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(gud-tool-bar-map): Modify names of icon files

for gud-next, gud-nexti, gud-step and gud-stepi to prevent
file-name clashes on 8+3 DOS filesystems.
parent 4a5ad08e
......@@ -162,11 +162,14 @@ Used to grey out relevant toolbar icons.")
(gud-run . "gud-run")
(gud-until . "gud-until")
(gud-cont . "gud-cont")
(gud-step . "gud-step")
(gud-next . "gud-next")
;; gud-s, gud-si etc. instead of gud-step,
;; gud-stepi, to avoid file-name clashes on DOS
;; 8+3 filesystems.
(gud-step . "gud-s")
(gud-next . "gud-n")
(gud-finish . "gud-finish")
(gud-stepi . "gud-stepi")
(gud-nexti . "gud-nexti")
(gud-stepi . "gud-si")
(gud-nexti . "gud-ni")
(gud-up . "gud-up")
(gud-down . "gud-down"))
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