Commit 74d70085 authored by Ken Raeburn's avatar Ken Raeburn
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* lisp.h (struct Lisp_Symbol): Replace field "name" with a lisp

object field named "xname".
(SYMBOL_NAME): New macro.
parent c85d524c
......@@ -871,9 +871,11 @@ struct Lisp_Symbol
enum symbol_interned. */
unsigned interned : 2;
/* The symbol's name. This should become a Lisp_Object
some day; there's no need for the Lisp_String pointer nowadays. */
struct Lisp_String *name;
/* The symbol's name, as a Lisp string.
The name "xname" is used to intentionally break code referring to
the old field "name" of type pointer to struct Lisp_String. */
Lisp_Object xname;
/* Value of the symbol or Qunbound if unbound. If this symbol is a
defvaralias, `value' contains the symbol for which it is an
......@@ -891,6 +893,11 @@ struct Lisp_Symbol
struct Lisp_Symbol *next;
/* Value is name of symbol. */
#define SYMBOL_NAME(sym) \
/* Value is non-zero if SYM is an interned symbol. */
#define SYMBOL_INTERNED_P(sym) \
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