Commit 74ebd4a7 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

* make-dist: Updates related to nt/.

parent 737193a4
......@@ -362,7 +362,7 @@ echo "Making links to 'build-aux'"
ln gitlog-to-changelog gitlog-to-emacslog ../${tempdir}/build-aux
ln install-sh missing move-if-change ../${tempdir}/build-aux
ln update-copyright update-subdirs ../${tempdir}/build-aux
ln dir_top make-info-dir ../${tempdir}/build-aux)
ln dir_top make-info-dir ar-lib ../${tempdir}/build-aux)
echo "Making links to 'build-aux/snippet'"
(cd build-aux/snippet
......@@ -421,9 +421,9 @@ echo "Making links to 'modules'"
echo "Making links to 'nt'"
(cd nt
ln emacs-x86.manifest emacs-x64.manifest ../${tempdir}/nt
ln subdirs.el [a-z]*.bat [a-z]*.[ch] ../${tempdir}/nt
ln [a-z]*.bat [a-z]*.[ch] ../${tempdir}/nt
ln *.in ../${tempdir}/nt
ln epaths.nt INSTALL.OLD ../${tempdir}/nt
ln epaths.nt INSTALL.W64 ../${tempdir}/nt
ln ChangeLog.*[0-9] INSTALL README README.W32 ../${tempdir}/nt)
echo "Making links to 'nt/inc' and its subdirectories"
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