Commit 74f9c1a8 authored by Michal Nazarewicz's avatar Michal Nazarewicz
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Fix ‘is multibyte’ test regex.c’s mutually_exclusive_p (bug#24020)

* src/regex.c (mutually_exclusive_p): Fix how whether character is
unibyte is tested when calling execute_charset function.  This bug has
been introduced by [6dc6b007: Fix ‘[[🇨🇨]]*literal’ regex failing to
match ‘literal’] which dropped a call to IS_REAL_ASCII (c) macro.
Reinstitute it.
parent e0d42597
......@@ -4767,7 +4767,7 @@ mutually_exclusive_p (struct re_pattern_buffer *bufp, const_re_char *p1,
else if ((re_opcode_t) *p1 == charset
|| (re_opcode_t) *p1 == charset_not)
if (!execute_charset (&p1, c, c, !multibyte))
if (!execute_charset (&p1, c, c, !multibyte || IS_REAL_ASCII (c)))
DEBUG_PRINT (" No match => fast loop.\n");
return 1;
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