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(Session Management): New node about X Session management.

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......@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ pertaining to the terminal and the screen.
* Special Keysyms:: Defining system-specific key symbols for X.
* Flow Control:: How to turn output flow control on or off.
* Batch Mode:: Running Emacs without terminal interaction.
* Session Management:: Saving and restoring state with X Session Management.
@end menu
@node Starting Up
......@@ -1996,3 +1997,52 @@ generates, such as command echoing, is suppressed entirely.)
@defvar noninteractive
This variable is non-@code{nil} when Emacs is running in batch mode.
@end defvar
@node Session Management
@section Session Management
@cindex session management
@cindex X session management protocol
X has defined the X Session Management Protocol to handle start and
restart of applications. There is one session manager who has the
responsibility to keep track of the applications that are running
when the window system shuts down, so the session manager later can
restart them.
Before the session manager shuts down the window system it informs
applications that they should save their state. When the applications
are restarted, the applications will restore their state.
@defvar emacs-save-session-functions
@tindex emacs-save-session-functions
Emacs supports saving state by using a hook called
@code{emacs-save-session-functions}. Each function in this hook is
called when the session manager tells Emacs that the window system is
shutting down. The functions are called with the current buffer set to
a temporary buffer. Functions can use @code{insert} to add lisp code
to this buffer. The buffer will then be saved in a lisp file that is
loaded when Emacs is restarted.
If a function in @code{emacs-save-session-functions} returns non-nil
Emacs will inform the session manager that the window system shutdown
shall be cancelled.
@end defvar
Here is an example that just inserts some text into *scratch* when Emacs
is restarted by the session manager.
(add-hook 'emacs-save-session-functions 'save-yourself-test)
@end group
(defun save-yourself-test ()
(switch-to-buffer \"*scratch*\")
(insert \"I am restored\"))")
@result{} nil))
@end group
@end example
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