Commit 751fc7d9 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Overlay Arrow): Clarify about local bindings of overlay-arrow-position.

parent 00301578
......@@ -2922,9 +2922,12 @@ otherwise appear. Since the arrow is usually short, and the line
usually begins with indentation, normally nothing significant is
The overlay string is displayed only in the buffer that this marker
points into. Thus, only one buffer can have an overlay arrow at any
given time.
The overlay-arrow string is displayed in any given buffer if the value
of @code{overlay-arrow-position} in that buffer points into that
buffer. Thus, it works to can display multiple overlay arrow strings
by creating buffer-local bindings of @code{overlay-arrow-position}.
However, it is usually cleaner to use
@code{overlay-arrow-variable-list} to achieve this result.
@c !!! overlay-arrow-position: but the overlay string may remain in the display
@c of some other buffer until an update is required. This should be fixed
@c now. Is it?
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