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(Fsubstring): Doc fix.

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......@@ -1183,11 +1183,16 @@ Elements of ALIST that are not conses are also shared. */)
DEFUN ("substring", Fsubstring, Ssubstring, 2, 3, 0,
doc: /* Return a substring of STRING, starting at index FROM and ending before TO.
TO may be nil or omitted; then the substring runs to the end of STRING.
FROM and TO start at 0. If either is negative, it counts from the end.
This function allows vectors as well as strings. */)
doc: /* Return a new string whose contents are a substring of STRING.
The returned string consists of the characters between index FROM
\(inclusive) and index TO (exclusive) of STRING. FROM and TO are
zero-indexed: 0 means the first character of STRING. Negative values
are counted from the end of STRING. If TO is nil, the substring runs
to the end of STRING.
The STRING argument may also be a vector. In that case, the return
value is a new vector that contains the elements between index FROM
\(inclusive) and index TO (exclusive) of that vector argument. */)
(string, from, to)
Lisp_Object string;
register Lisp_Object from, to;
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