Commit 75497862 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(ada-tight-gvd-integration): Add :group 'ada.

parent d30bef64
......@@ -143,7 +143,8 @@ Otherwise, ask the user for the name of the project file to use."
(defcustom ada-tight-gvd-integration nil
"*If non-nil, a new Emacs frame will be swallowed in GVD when debugging.
If GVD is not the debugger used, nothing happens.")
If GVD is not the debugger used, nothing happens."
:type 'boolean :group 'ada)
(defcustom ada-xref-search-with-egrep t
"*If non-nil, use egrep to find the possible declarations for an entity.
......@@ -506,12 +507,12 @@ All the directories are returned as absolute directories."
(equal ada-prj-default-project-file
(car x))
;; Parses all the known project files, and insert at
;; least the default one (in case
;; ada-xref-project-files is nil)
(or ada-xref-project-files '(nil))))))
(easy-menu-add-item ada-mode-menu '() submenu)))
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