Commit 75824977 authored by Kaushal Modi's avatar Kaushal Modi Committed by Noam Postavsky

Check that file argument is a string

* lisp/vc/ediff-diff.el (ediff-exec-process): Check that the argument
  passed to `file-local-copy' is a string (Bug#26378).  Also fix
  the existing comment for this function, and convert it to its
parent 9e27e0d1
......@@ -1134,12 +1134,20 @@ delimiter regions"))
;; Execute PROGRAM asynchronously, unless OS/2, Windows-*, or DOS, or unless
;; SYNCH is non-nil. BUFFER must be a buffer object, and must be alive. The
;; OPTIONS arg is a list of options to pass to PROGRAM. It may be a blank
;; string. All elements in FILES must be strings. We also delete nil from
;; args.
(defun ediff-exec-process (program buffer synch options &rest files)
"Execute the diff PROGRAM.
The PROGRAM output is sent to BUFFER, which must be a live buffer
The PROGRAM is executed asynchronously unless `system-type' is
`windows-nt' or `ms-dos', or SYNCH is non-nil.
OPTIONS is a string of space-separated options to pass to PROGRAM. It
may be a blank string.
FILES is a list of filenames to pass to PROGRAM; nil and \"\" elements
are ignored."
(let ((data (match-data))
;; If this is a buffer job, we are diffing temporary files
;; produced by Emacs with ediff-coding-system-for-write, so
......@@ -1151,8 +1159,9 @@ delimiter regions"))
(setq args (append (split-string options)
(mapcar (lambda (file)
(or (file-local-copy file) file)))
(when (stringp file)
(or (file-local-copy file) file))))
(setq args (delete "" (delq nil args))) ; delete nil and "" from arguments
;; the --binary option, if present, should be used only for buffer jobs
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