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2002-12-23 Francesco Potort,Al(B <>
* mail/undigest.el (unforward-rmail-message): Do not assume that
the forwarded message's Date: header comes after From:. Use a
Forwarded-from: rather than a Forwarded-by: header. Add a
Forwarded-date: header.
2002-12-23 Nick Roberts <>
* gdb-ui.el (gdb-display-number-end): Make auto-display of
......@@ -25,7 +32,7 @@
Merging Dave Love <>'s custom_themes branch containing
Alex Schroeder's adaptation of Jan Vroonhof
<>'s code. Doc strings corrected by RMS.
* cus-edit.el (customize-save-variable): Take themes into account.
(custom-variable-save): Take themes into account.
(custom-variable-reset-saved): Add comment-widget.
......@@ -90,13 +97,13 @@
* subr.el (add-to-invisibility-spec): If it was t, start it out at (t).
* textmodes/texinfmt.el (tex-start-of-header, tex-end-of-header):
* textmodes/texinfmt.el (tex-start-of-header, tex-end-of-header):
Add defvars.
* textmodes/tex-mode.el (tex-print): Call shell-quote-argument
on the file name.
* textmodes/outline.el (outline-next-visible-heading):
* textmodes/outline.el (outline-next-visible-heading):
When going forward, test outline-invisible-p at start of header.
2002-12-22 Kevin Ryde <>
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