Commit 75dbaf9d authored by Ivan Kanis's avatar Ivan Kanis Committed by Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen
Browse files

* net/eww.el: Autoload `eww-browse-url'.

parent ba3de9e6
2013-06-28 Ivan Kanis <>
* net/eww.el: Autoload `eww-browse-url'.
2013-06-27 Dmitry Gutov <>
* emacs-lisp/package-x.el (package-upload-buffer-internal): Adapt
......@@ -378,6 +378,7 @@ word(s) will be searched for via `eww-search-prefix'."
:text (buffer-string))
(defun eww-browse-url (url &optional new-window)
(when (and (equal major-mode 'eww-mode)
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