Commit 75de3640 authored by Stephen Berman's avatar Stephen Berman
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man.el: Fix links on hyphenated words (bug#23647)

* lisp/man.el (Man-bgproc-sentinel): Make links work on
hyphenated words.
parent 700afe62
......@@ -1430,8 +1430,17 @@ manpage command."
(get-buffer-window (current-buffer) t) 'kill)
(kill-buffer (current-buffer)))
(message "Can't find the %s manpage"
(Man-page-from-arguments args)))
;; Entries hyphenated due to the window's width
;; won't be found in the man database, so remove
;; the hyphenation -- assuming Groff hyphenates
;; either with hyphen-minus (ASCII 45, #x2d),
;; hyphen (#x2010) or soft hyphen (#xad) -- and
;; look again.
(if (string-match "[-‐­]" args)
(let ((str (replace-match "" nil nil args)))
(Man-getpage-in-background str))
(message "Can't find the %s manpage"
(Man-page-from-arguments args))))
(if Man-fontify-manpage-flag
(message "%s man page formatted"
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