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......@@ -383,6 +383,15 @@ SQL buffer.
This is like window-height but does not count the mode line
or the header line.
** You can now make a window as short as one line.
A window that is just one line tall does not display either a mode
line or a header line, even if the variables `mode-line-format' and
`header-line-format' call for them. A window that is two lines tall
cannot display both a mode line and a header line at once; if the
variables call for both, only the mode line actually appears.
** The new frame parameter `tty-color-mode' specifies the mode to use
for color support on character terminal frames. Its value can be a
2002-01-20 Richard M. Stallman <>
* window.c (MIN_SAFE_WINDOW_HEIGHT): Value now 1.
2002-01-20 Pavel Jan,Bm(Bk <>
* doprnt.c (doprnt1): Fix typos in error call.
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