Commit 76032d70 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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* keyboard.c (read_char): Remove unused var.

parent e5b28a7a
2011-04-09 Paul Eggert <>
* keyboard.c (read_char): Remove unused var.
* eval.c: Port to Windows vsnprintf (Bug#8435).
Include <limits.h>.
(SIZE_MAX): Define if the headers do not.
......@@ -3090,7 +3090,6 @@ read_char (int commandflag, int nmaps, Lisp_Object *maps, Lisp_Object prev_event
/* Process the help character specially if enabled */
if (!NILP (Vhelp_form) && help_char_p (c))
Lisp_Object tem0;
int count = SPECPDL_INDEX ();
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