Commit 760a2050 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(mouse-show-mark): Run hooks and perform command

remapping for mouse-region-delete-keys.
parent 864129b6
......@@ -1276,7 +1276,17 @@ If MODE is 2 then do the same for lines."
(unless ignore
;; For certain special keys, delete the region.
(if (member key mouse-region-delete-keys)
(delete-region (mark t) (point))
;; Since notionally this is a separate command,
;; run all the hooks that would be run if it were
;; executed separately.
(run-hooks 'post-command-hook)
(setq last-command this-command)
(setq this-original-command 'delete-region)
(setq this-command (or (command-remapping this-original-command)
(run-hooks 'pre-command-hook)
(call-interactively this-command))
;; Otherwise, unread the key so it gets executed normally.
(setq unread-command-events
(nconc events unread-command-events))))
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