Commit 7624a507 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(fast_install): Bring commands up-to-date, and fix typo.

parent caeb7756
......@@ -155,14 +155,17 @@ fast_install: batch_files
$(CP) ..\lib-src\DOC $(INSTALL_DIR)\etc
- mkdir $(INSTALL_DIR)\bin
- $(CP) $(BLD)\addpm.exe $(INSTALL_DIR)\bin
- $(CP) $(BLD)\ddeclient.exe $(INSTALL_DIR)\bin
- $(CP) $(BLD)\cmdproxy.exe $(INSTALL_DIR)\bin
- $(CP) $(BLD)\runemacs.exe $(INSTALL_DIR)\bin
- $(CP) ..\lib-src\fns-*.el $(INSTALL_DIR)\bin
- $(DEL) ..\same-dir.tst
- $(DEL) $(INSTALL_DIR)\same-dir.tst
echo SameDirTest > $(INSTALL_DIR)\same-dir.tst
if not exist ..\same-dir.tst $(CP) ..\bin\emacs.exe $(INSTALL_DIR)\bin
if not exist ..\same-dir.tst $(CP) ..\bin\etags.exe $(INSTALL_DIR)\bin
if not exist ..\same-dir.tst $(CP) ..\bin\ctags.exe $(INSTALL_DIR)\bin
if not exist ..\same-dir.tst nmake -f $(MAKE) real_install
if not exist ..\same-dir.tst $(MAKE) -f makefile.nt real_install
- $(DEL) ..\same-dir.tst
- $(DEL) $(INSTALL_DIR)\same-dir.tst
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