Commit 76299050 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love

20.6, 20.7 changes

parent 40e857ea
......@@ -3175,6 +3175,30 @@ to a solid box, as it does on Unix. The `cursor-type' frame parameter
overrides this as it does on Unix, except that the bar cursor is
horizontal rather than vertical (since the MS-DOS display doesn't
support a vertical-bar cursor).
* Emacs 20.7 is a bug-fix release with few user-visible changes
** It is now possible to use CCL-based coding systems for keyboard
** ange-ftp now handles FTP security extensions, like Kerberos.
** Rmail has been extended to recognize more forms of digest messages.
** Now, most coding systems set in keyboard coding system work not
only for character input, but also in incremental search. The
exceptions are such coding systems that handle 2-byte character sets
(e.g euc-kr, euc-jp) and that use ISO's escape sequence
(e.g. iso-2022-jp). They are ignored in incremental search.
** Support for Macintosh PowerPC-based machines running GNU/Linux has
been added.
* Emacs 20.6 is a bug-fix release with one user-visible change
** Support for ARM-based non-RISCiX machines has been added.
* Emacs 20.5 is a bug-fix release with no user-visible changes.
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