Commit 76314f2c authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(emacs-lisp-mode-map): Add menu entries to elint file and directory.

Remove initialization entry.
parent 6974be68
......@@ -329,16 +329,19 @@ font-lock keywords will not be case sensitive."
(define-key prof-map [prof-func]
'(menu-item "Instrument Function..." elp-instrument-function
:help "Instrument a function for profiling"))
(define-key menu-map [lint] (cons "Lint" lint-map))
(define-key menu-map [lint] (cons "Linting" lint-map))
(define-key lint-map [lint-di]
'(menu-item "Lint Directory..." elint-directory
:help "Lint a directory"))
(define-key lint-map [lint-f]
'(menu-item "Lint File..." elint-file
:help "Lint a file"))
(define-key lint-map [lint-b]
'(menu-item "Lint Buffer" elint-current-buffer
:help "Lint the current buffer"))
(define-key lint-map [lint-d]
'(menu-item "Lint Defun" elint-defun
:help "Lint the function at point"))
(define-key lint-map [lint-in]
'(menu-item "Lint Initialize" elint-initialize
:help "Lint Initialize"))
(define-key menu-map [edebug-defun]
'(menu-item "Instrument Function for Debugging" edebug-defun
:help "Evaluate the top level form point is in, stepping through with Edebug"
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