Commit 766ff627 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(struct re_pattern_buffer): New member multibyte.

(re_match_object): New variable.
parent b18215fc
......@@ -140,6 +140,13 @@ typedef unsigned reg_syntax_t;
stored in the pattern buffer, so changing this does not affect
already-compiled regexps. */
extern reg_syntax_t re_syntax_options;
#ifdef emacs
/* In Emacs, this is the string or buffer in which we
are matching. It is used for looking up syntax properties. */
extern Lisp_Object re_match_object;
/* Define combinations of the above bits for the standard possibilities.
(The [[[ comments delimit what gets put into the Texinfo file, so
......@@ -349,6 +356,10 @@ struct re_pattern_buffer
/* If true, an anchor at a newline matches. */
unsigned newline_anchor : 1;
/* If true, multi-byte form in the `buffer' should be recognized as a
multibyte character. */
unsigned multibyte : 1;
/* [[[end pattern_buffer]]] */
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