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Document current-line hscrolling in ELisp manual

* doc/lispref/windows.texi (Horizontal Scrolling): Document the
new mode of auto-hscrolling only the current line.
parent 140ddc32
......@@ -4249,6 +4249,13 @@ scrolling value explicitly. The value you specify serves as a lower
bound for automatic scrolling, i.e., automatic scrolling will not
scroll a window to a column less than the specified one.
The default value of @code{auto-hscroll-mode} is @code{t}; setting
it to @code{current-line} activates a variant of automatic horizontal
scrolling whereby only the line showing the cursor is horizontally
scrolled to make point visible, the rest of the window is left either
unscrolled, or at the minimum scroll amount set by @code{scroll-left}
and @code{scroll-right}, see below.
@deffn Command scroll-left &optional count set-minimum
This function scrolls the selected window @var{count} columns to the
left (or to the right if @var{count} is negative). The default
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