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......@@ -151,6 +151,37 @@ these libraries won't work because some routines are missing, and
configure should avoid such old versions. If that happens, use the
--without-LIB options to `configure'. See below for more details.
* Complex Text Layout support libraries
Emacs needs the optional libraries "m17n-db", "libm17n-flt", "libotf"
to display correctly such complext scripts as Indic and Khmer
correclty. On some systems, particularly on GNU/Linux, these
libraries may already be present or available as additional packages.
Note that if there is a separate `dev' or `devel' package, for use at
compilation time rather than run time, you will need that as well as
the corresponding run time package; typically the dev package will
contain header files and a library archive. Otherwise, you can
download and build libraries from sources.
The sources of those libraries are available by anonyous CVS from
% cvs -d login
% cvs -d co m17n-db
% cvs -d co m17n-lib
% cvs -d co libotf
The installation procedure is the same for them as below:
% cd CVC_WORKING_DIR (m17n-db, m17n-lib, or libotf)
% ./
% ./configure
% make
% make install (you may have to run this after "su root")
Please note that Emacs is configured with the arg
"--enable-font-backend" to get the benefit of those libraries.
* Extra fonts
The Emacs distribution does not include fonts and does not install
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