Commit 76b3cecf authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Fmake_variable_frame_local): Doc fix.

parent e893d912
......@@ -1632,10 +1632,10 @@ DEFUN ("make-variable-frame-local", Fmake_variable_frame_local, Smake_variable_f
doc: /* Enable VARIABLE to have frame-local bindings.
When a frame-local binding exists in the current frame,
it is in effect whenever the current buffer has no buffer-local binding.
A frame-local binding is actual a frame parameter value;
A frame-local binding is actually a frame parameter value;
thus, any given frame has a local binding for VARIABLE
if it has a value for the frame parameter named VARIABLE.
See `modify-frame-parameters'. */)
See `modify-frame-parameters' for how to set frame parameters. */)
register Lisp_Object variable;
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