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2005-10-22 Kim F. Storm <>
* image.el (image-type-header-regexps): Rename from image-type-regexps.
Change users.
(image-type-file-name-regexps): New defconst.
(image-type-from-data): Simplify loop.
(image-type-from-buffer): New defun.
(image-type-from-file-header): Use it instead of image-type-from-data.
Use image-search-load-path instead of only looking in data-directory.
(image-type-from-file-name): New defun.
(image-search-load-path): Make PATH arg optional, default to image-load-path.
Change `pathname' to `filename'.
2005-10-21 Richard M. Stallman <>
* textmodes/texinfo.el (texinfo-mode): Set sentence-end-base.
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