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*** empty log message ***

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......@@ -437,7 +437,13 @@ It is bound to `C-x 4 A'.
** talk.el has been extended for multiple tty support.
** compilation-auto-jump-to-first-error tells `compile' to jump to
** Compile and grep modes
*** The mode-line entry for the *compilation* and *grep* buffer is color coded.
It has different colors for to show that: (a) the command is still
running, (b) successful completion, (c) error.
*** compilation-auto-jump-to-first-error tells `compile' to jump to
the first error encountered during compilations.
** In the `copyright' package, you can specify your copyright holders' names.
......@@ -461,6 +467,7 @@ Use --no-members if you want the old default behaviour of not tagging
struct members in C, members variables in C++ and variables in PHP.
** VC
*** Clicking on the VC mode-line entry now pops the VC menu.
*** The VC mode-line entry now has a tooltip that explains the VC file status.
......@@ -479,6 +486,10 @@ the current line.
*** vc-git supports the "git grep" command.
*** Asynchronous VC commands display [Waiting...] in the mode-line
of the corresponding buffer as long as the asynchronous process is
** log-edit now has a command bound to C-c C-d to show the diff for
the files involved.
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ suitable for anyone from beginners to experts.
** Major modes should have a menu entry. Examples of modes that do
not have one at the moment and probably should: text-mode,
change-log-mode, conf-*-mode, debugger-mode.
change-log-mode, texinfo-mode, nroff-mode, reb-mode.
** Change the text for the mode-line tooltips to not use things like C-x 0.
In general make sure that tooltips have obvious meanings. Check if
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