Commit 76f639b0 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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Remove conditional definition of eval-when-compile. Don't specify abs,

expt, gethash, hash-table-count, hash-table-p as side-effect-free here.
(cl-emacs-type): Don't declare.
(cl-compile-time-init): Remove Emacs 18 compiler patch.
(cl-parse-loop-clause): Remove compatibility code.
parent f67171e6
......@@ -32,8 +32,6 @@
;; This package was written by Dave Gillespie; it is a complete
;; rewrite of Cesar Quiroz's original cl.el package of December 1986.
;; This package works with Emacs 18, Emacs 19, and Lucid Emacs 19.
;; Bug reports, comments, and suggestions are welcome!
;; This file contains the portions of the Common Lisp extensions
......@@ -63,7 +61,6 @@
(put 'cl-pop 'edebug-form-spec 'edebug-sexps)
(put 'cl-pop2 'edebug-form-spec 'edebug-sexps)
(defvar cl-emacs-type)
(defvar cl-optimize-safety)
(defvar cl-optimize-speed)
......@@ -86,20 +83,7 @@
(defvar cl-old-bc-file-form nil)
;; Patch broken Emacs 18 compiler (re top-level macros).
;; Emacs 19 compiler doesn't need this patch.
;; Also, undo broken definition of `eql' that uses same bytecode as `eq'.
(defun cl-compile-time-init ()
(setq cl-old-bc-file-form (symbol-function 'byte-compile-file-form))
(or (fboundp 'byte-compile-flush-pending) ; Emacs 19 compiler?
(defalias 'byte-compile-file-form
(lambda (form)
(setq form (macroexpand form byte-compile-macro-environment))
(if (eq (car-safe form) 'progn)
(cons 'progn (mapcar 'byte-compile-file-form (cdr form)))
(funcall cl-old-bc-file-form form))))))
(put 'eql 'byte-compile 'cl-byte-compile-compiler-macro)
(run-hooks 'cl-hack-bytecomp-hook))
......@@ -398,13 +382,6 @@ If `eval' is in WHEN, BODY is evaluated when interpreted or at non-top-level."
(t (eval form) form)))
(or (and (fboundp 'eval-when-compile)
(not (eq (car-safe (symbol-function 'eval-when-compile)) 'autoload)))
(eval '(defmacro eval-when-compile (&rest body)
"Like `progn', but evaluates the body at compile time.
The result of the body appears to the compiler as a quoted constant."
(list 'quote (eval (cons 'progn body))))))
(defmacro load-time-value (form &optional read-only)
"Like `progn', but evaluates the body at load time.
The result of the body appears to the compiler as a quoted constant."
......@@ -862,24 +839,20 @@ Valid clauses are:
((memq word '(frame frames screen screens))
(let ((temp (gensym)))
(cl-push (list var (if (eq cl-emacs-type 'lucid)
'(selected-screen) '(selected-frame)))
(cl-push (list var '(selected-frame))
(cl-push (list temp nil) loop-for-bindings)
(cl-push (list 'prog1 (list 'not (list 'eq var temp))
(list 'or temp (list 'setq temp var)))
(cl-push (list var (list (if (eq cl-emacs-type 'lucid)
'next-screen 'next-frame) var))
(cl-push (list var (list 'next-frame var))
((memq word '(window windows))
(let ((scr (and (memq (car args) '(in of)) (cl-pop2 args)))
(temp (gensym)))
(cl-push (list var (if scr
(list (if (eq cl-emacs-type 'lucid)
'frame-selected-window) scr)
(list 'frame-selected-window scr)
(cl-push (list temp nil) loop-for-bindings)
......@@ -2625,14 +2598,14 @@ surrounded by (block NAME ...)."
;;; Things that are side-effect-free.
(mapcar (function (lambda (x) (put x 'side-effect-free t)))
'(oddp evenp abs expt signum last butlast ldiff pairlis gcd lcm
'(oddp evenp signum last butlast ldiff pairlis gcd lcm
isqrt floor* ceiling* truncate* round* mod* rem* subseq
list-length get* getf gethash hash-table-count))
list-length get* getf))
;;; Things that are side-effect-and-error-free.
(mapcar (function (lambda (x) (put x 'side-effect-free 'error-free)))
'(eql floatp-safe list* subst acons equalp random-state-p
copy-tree sublis hash-table-p))
copy-tree sublis))
(run-hooks 'cl-macs-load-hook)
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