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Fix bug #12073 with outdated FAQ entry.

 doc/misc/faq.texi (Right-to-left alphabets): Update for Emacs 24.
parent 9a0f8f2e
2012-07-28 Eli Zaretskii <>
* faq.texi (Right-to-left alphabets): Update for Emacs 24.
2012-06-19 Glenn Morris <>
* Rename infodir to buildinfodir throughout. (Bug#11737)
......@@ -4044,13 +4044,13 @@ Emacs Manual}. For more sophisticated methods,
@cindex Right-to-left alphabets
@cindex Hebrew, handling with Emacs
@cindex Semitic alphabets
@cindex Arabic alphabets
@cindex Bidirectional text
@cindex Arabic
@cindex Farsi
@cindex bidirectional scripts
Emacs supports Hebrew characters (ISO 8859-8) since version 20, but does
not yet support right-to-left character entry and display. The
@uref{, emacs-bidi
mailing list} discusses development of support for this feature.
Emacs supports display and editing of bidirectional scripts, such as
Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew, since version 24.1.
@xref{New in Emacs 24, bidirectional display}.
@node How to add fonts
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